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Learner Charter

Respect, Responsibilties & Rights

We have high expectations of how everyone will behave in college.

These expectations are for everyone and apply not just in classrooms but in all areas of the college.

Any member of college staff can challenge your behaviour and ask you to identify yourself by your college ID card, which you must wear when in college.

Respect for learning: this means that you:

• Wear your ID card at all times when in college
• Attend all your classes on time
• Arrive prepared to learn and with the right equipment
• Meet deadlines set for your course work
• Co-operate and communicate with your teachers and other students
• Follow the class rules agreed with your teacher

Respect each other: this means that you:

• Are polite and do not use language that can offend others
• Listen to your teacher and other students and allow others to take part
• Look after the College environment and equipment.

Responsibilities: this means that you:

• Do the best you possibly can, in your class and in your college work
• Set yourself high targets and tough challenges - believe in yourself
• Meet our standards, expectations and follow the agreed rules
• Take responsibility for what you do and what you say

Rights: this means that you can expect:

• Your classes will be well prepared and start on time
• You will receive useful and regular feedback about your progress
• You will be treated politely and with respect
• You will be listened to and that the college will act on what you tell us