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Statement of Public Value

At City College our purpose is to provide a broad and inclusive curriculum to meet the demands and ambitions of our local community. We seek to develop all of our students’ personal and professional skills with education and training that is life‐changing, and which equips them for future success so that they in‐turn are able to benefit their communities and the local economy. We fully recognise our responsibilities to the community we serve.

We define our community as all those who live, work, study within the City of Brighton and Hove.

We actively seek purposeful partnerships with organisations and individuals who share our vision and who seek to work with us for the mutual benefit of our learners and the wider community.

Our Strategic Vision 2013‐18

Our vision is that City College is a values‐led public sector organisation with the responsibility to offer the best education and training experience that we can within the resources available to us. One of our ambitions is to be a truly influential in the community. In turn, we want our community to be proud of its local college.

Our Values

We believe that individuals will flourish in an environment that promotes excellence and encourages innovation and where staff and students work together with a feeling of mutual trust and respect. We strive to maintain and expect the highest level of professional integrity in our day to day encounters with each other and the wider community.

Our five core values are:

• Celebrating difference
• Respecting others
• Expecting high achievement
• Applauding creativity
• Promoting teamwork