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Studying at Brighton MET

What is it like to study at Brighton MET?

Brighton MET is much more than a place to study. If you come here as a student we want you to enjoy your time with us and we’ll encourage and support you to achieve your goals and actively contribute to your own development.

Brighton is known as one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the country – and Brighton MET is located right in the centre. Students enjoy learning fantastic courses led by experienced tutors within great facilities on campus.

These include The Gallery, our renowned in-house restaurant, or City Revival – great for hair treatments or massages at discounted prices. Our large library and ICT suites provide fantastic technology.

Studying in Brighton

Studying in Brighton

Our photography students work on the very latest Apple Macs and use professional standard hardware to capture the best images.

If you are studying tourism with us then it is very likely you will have the opportunity to work in our in-house travel bureau, serving staff, students and the general public with holidays and flights from around the world.

Our Student Union is an important part of life at Brighton MET – membership entitles you to a wide-range of discounts around the city and also provides you with a voice through Brighton MET. We hope you will get involved whilst you are here and if you are interested in politics or providing a voice for those that may not speak for themselves, then our annual elections for positions such as Student President may interest you.

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