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Access to Higher Education Courses in Brighton

Access Courses in Brighton and Hove


If you take out an advanced learner loan to study an Access to Higher Education course and go on to complete a Higher Education qualification, your advanced learner loan will be 'written off', making your Access course FREE!*

*Terms and conditions apply, for more information on this policy, please contact or download the Advanced Learner Loan Write Off Policy here.


Note to prospective Access to HE students

You are entitled to full fee remission if the following applies to you:

· Aged 19 – 23 and studying your first full Level 3 qualification.

If this does not apply to you, the course is eligible for an Advanced Learner Loan, a new government loan for learners aged 19+. Applicants who take out the Advanced Learner Loan need pay nothing upfront, and the loan is only repaid when you are earning £21,000 or more per year.

If you go on to complete a Higher Education course following your Access to HE course, any remaining balance is written off. Lots more information about the loan can be found here:



What is a University Access Course?

Access courses are a great way to get in to university, they are the perfect route if you didn't get the grades you needed at college, or if you never considered university an option but have now decided you'd like to continue your education.

To succeed on an Access course, you’ll need to be 19 or over, motivated, enthusiastic, be able to manage your time effectively and be ready to study. You will be part of a group of adult students who are excited about learning and are willing to work hard with other members of the group and participate.

We offer a wide range of Access courses, all of which provide an opportunity to learn more about a specific subject area as well as core skills, so they are excellent preparation for study at university.

Forget school - you will be learning in a friendly, community-spirited college environment. All of your classes will be highly engaging and enable you to be involved and assessed by a range of methods including presentations, essays, reports, case studies, short answer tasks, and for some courses, practical work.

All our Access courses are QAA approved and contain 60 credits with a minimum of 45 credits at level 3.

How can I enrol on an Access to HE course?

Once you have chosen the course you would like to apply for please complete our Access Application Form

You will also need to attach a Personal Statement explaining why you would like to do the course.

You may also wish to view our information leaflet which contains more information on applying for Access courses and also information on the Pre-Acess Diploma to help prepare for studying on one of our Access to Higher Education courses.

What Access courses can I study?

*Eligibility and term and conditions apply.

There are 9 courses currently available.

Access To Higher Education Diploma: Biomedical Sciences (Sept'17) Access To Higher Education Diploma: Business and Enterprise (Sept'17) Access To Higher Education Diploma: Childhood and Youth Studies (Sept'17) (previously Education Studies) Access To Higher Education Diploma: Computing (Sept'17) Access to Higher Education Diploma: Health and Health Sciences (Sept'17) Access To Higher Education Diploma: Humanities Combined with Social Science (Sept'17) Access To Higher Education Diploma: Media Combined with Literature & Culture (Sept'17) Access To Higher Education Diploma: Psychology (Sept'17) Pre-Access (Sept'17)