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Additional Learning Support

City College Brighton and Hove information for disabled learners

At City College Brighton and Hove we aim to take a pro-active approach to all types of learning difficulties and disabilities and to work as partners with our learners in the organisation of reasonable adjustments to our services. We work with people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to make college an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all.

The Additional Learning Support department is here to support any learners with disabilities and/or learning difficulties such as:

• Aspergers
• Autism
• Difficulties with English and maths
• Dyslexia
• Dyspraxia
• Hearing impairment
• Visual impairment

Applying for courses

The college's Course Advice team can give information about courses available in the college and throughout Brighton and Hove. They can be contacted on 01273 667759 or

We encourage all learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to disclose to us so that, if necessary, we can discuss reasonable adjustments at an early stage.

If you disclose a learning difficulty and/or disability to the college you will be sent a Special Application form. By completing and returning this form you have the opportunity to tell us about any reasonable adjustments you may need for any of our services.

All the information you provide is handled sensitively and is given only to staff that need to know about your disability or reasonable adjustments. A number of learners will be called in to meet with the Additional Learning Support team to discuss their Individualised Support Plan. This gives detailed information about you and the type of support you may want to have at college. We will only distribute this Plan when you are happy with the contents.

The Additional Learning Support Team will distribute information to lecturing and support staff about reasonable adjustments that may be needed.

All applications from disabled applicants are monitored by the Additional Learning Support team to ensure that they are treated fairly and with consideration of the reasonable adjustments the learner may need.

Examinations and Assessments

If you have a learning difficulty or are disabled, you should not be disadvantaged in exams or assessments. Awarding bodies allow access arrangements such as extra time or a reader for exams and other assessments for some people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. They may need some information about the reasonable adjustments you might need for assessment.

Depending on the type of access arrangement being requested they may ask for a letter from your GP or specialist, an Educational Psychologist’s report or some other documentation. These documents may only be valid for a fixed period and must include specific information required by the awarding body.

As soon as you start college you should talk to your tutor about the access arrangements you may need. You may be asked to provide documentation or the college may be able to organise an assessment for you.

Types of support

There is a wide range of learning support available to learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities including:

• 1:1, small-group and drop-in support
• Teaching Support Assistants working in class and offering support outside of class
• Support from a Specialist Teacher
• Communication Support Workers for D/deaf learners
• Mobility support
• Equipment loans
• Use of assistive technology
• Course materials adjusted to suit your needs
• Assessments for exam concessions
• Note takers
• Study skills support
• A screening system which is used to identify learner who have difficulty with their English and maths skills.

Buildings and Accommodation

• City College Brighton and Hove operates from three sites: Pelham Street, Preston Road and City College East (Wilson Avenue) in Brighton
• All the specialist rooms in our buildings in Pelham Street and City College East are accessible and have lifts. Some general rooms in Pelham Street and Preston Road can only be accessed by stairs
• There are accessible toilets in all our buildings but, at present, we have limited facilities for learners needing support with personal care
• There is an audio loop in the main hall of Pelham Tower and we have access to a Soundfield and portable loops in other rooms
• Students accessing Learning Development and Foundation Studies courses have access to a quiet room at lunchtimes
• There is a variety of assistive technology, including hardware and software, available in the Learning Resource Centres in Pelham Street and City College East. Learners may also borrow equipment from the Additional Learning Support department for use in class

Find out more

We are happy to talk to learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (or parents, carers, advocates if you prefer) about coming to college and the services we have.

Additional Learning Support Manager: Fenella Potterton

Assessment Co-ordinator: Sarah Brooker

Learners wishing to discuss Foundation Learning and Foundation Studies, including ALDD courses, should contact Rebecca Conroy