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Fee Guide for Full-time courses

Fee Guide for 16-18 Year Olds?

Financial Support

FREE study and Financial Support

All our full time courses are free to EU residents who are under 19 years old on the 31st August 2016. The only fees you may have to pay are for specialist resources and equipment, the cost of these varies from £25 to £300 depending upon the subject you are studying. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for financial help from the college’s Learner Support Funds. You should apply for financial support as soon as you receive your course offer letter.

For more information please view our financial assistance page or contact the Student Centre for more information - 01273 667759.

Other student benefits

There are a range of financial support packages for those students who would otherwise find it difficult to attend college. You can receive help with your transport costs (eg free bus passes), your meals and your course costs. You can also benefit from cheap haircuts in the college's Revival Salon, reduced priced meals and drinks in the college refectory and low priced stationery in the college shop. Our East Campus has a fully equipped gym that is also available to students outside of lesson times.

All students aged 16+ can apply for an NUS Extra card. These cards give student discounts in a wide range of high street shops and some online retailers. Cards can be purchased online from