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General Information

Access Difficulties

If you have particular access needs, please contact us prior to your enrolment interview.


Attendance and Punctuality

We understand that adults’ lives are busy and from time to time circumstances prevent you from attending your course. Some courses, however, will have a minimum attendance requirement, particularly if they lead to a qualification. This will be explained to you at the start of your course.

You will be contacted if your attendance becomes a concern and given help wherever possible to catch up with any missed work. Please respect your fellow course members and your tutor by making every effort to get to classes in good time for the start of lessons.


Book Early

If you can avoid it, please don’t wait until the last minute to enrol. We want to welcome as many students as possible to City College, and if you delay, your course may already be full or might have been cancelled owing to low enrolment.


Refund Policy and Course Cancellations

Please be aware that although we understand that personal circumstances can change, the College operates a strict refund policy.
Refunds will only be given under the following circumstances:

If a course has been cancelled by the College and no suitable alternative can be found. However, no refund will be given if classes are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

If you enrol on a course that is longer than 12 weeks in duration, but do not start or withdraw within the first 2 weeks of the start date, a refund will be given but an administration charge of £30 will be applied. If you withdraw after 2 weeks of commencement of the course you will still be liable for all outstanding fees that are owed to the College. Queries related to refunds can be emailed to our Finance Department at the following e-mail address:

There are no refunds on short courses of 12 weeks or less in duration unless the course has been cancelled by the College and no suitable alternative can be found.


Course Viability

If a course is cancelled because minimum enrolment numbers are not achieved or not maintained throughout the course duration, you may be offered the alternative of a reduction in course hours for the same fee, transfer to another course or request a pro-rata refund of the fee.


Examinations and Assessments

Please be aware that if you enrol on courses leading to qualifications you are expected to enter and take the examination/assessment at the appropriate time.


Full Courses and Waiting Lists

We make every effort to ensure you are given the opportunity to study at City College. If a course is full your name can be entered on to a waiting list. If the waiting list is sufficiently large and additional tutors and facilities are available, another course may be set up. In this case you will be contacted by letter or telephoned with the details.


Health Related Courses

It is important to note that you attend all courses at your own risk. If you are on a sports or massage course you must not only satisfy yourself that you are medically suitable (i.e. consult your GP prior to enrolment) but must also notify the course tutor of any relevant medical condition you may have.


Course Advice

The Course Advice Team can advise you on course options here at the college. The college team have MATRIX accreditation, which means they offer impartial advice to help you find the best course from your point of view.

You can contact them on or by telephoning 01273 667759. Alternatively, you can visit the Student Centre, located on the Ground Floor, Pelham Tower, Central Campus.


Late Enrolment

We do understand that sometimes missing an enrolment deadline is unavoidable. It may be possible to accept enrolments after the start of a course, subject to available places and course content.


Materials Costs

For most courses, you are expected to provide yourself with the appropriate books and materials for your courses. Courses that require materials generally send out a list of requirements prior to their commencement or will be included within the course description.


Substitute Tutors and Venues

If a tutor or venue becomes unavailable we will do our utmost to inform you as soon as possible. However, City College retains the discretion to substitute alternative tutors and venues to those listed without prior notice, either before the course or during a course. In this case a refund would not be provided.