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The Role of the Student Governor

Influence College policy at the highest level

Who is a Student Governor?

Student Governors attend meetings of the College Board of Governors to reflect the views of students at the College’s highest decision making level.

How many Student Governors does the College have?

Each year at least one Student Governor will be appointed. Any student currently studying at the College is eligible to stand, but must be nominated by a fellow student.

What happens at a Board of Governors meeting?

Board meetings can cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the College’s buildings and finances to key matters influencing learning and teaching. Prior to each meeting a pack of papers will be distributed for Governors to read in order that the discussion at meetings is appropriately informed.

What is the time commitment for a student governor?

The College Board has 9-10  meetings throughout the year, mainly during the evening.There are also occasionally away days which are all day meetings taking place at a location away from the College, sometimes with an overnight stay. Governors will also need to find time to prepare for meetings, by reading through the papers.

What qualifications do I need to have to be a student governor?

No formal qualifications are required.

What training will be provided?

Training will be provided for all new Student Governors. You will also receive support throughout the year.

What sort of people will I meet?

The College Board of Governors is made up of a number of people with interests and experiences from outside the College. You will also have regular contact with the senior management of the College

What are the benefits?

You will benefit from the experience and skills you develop from working in a team with people with a wide range of backgrounds in many sectors. You will have the opportunity to make personal contacts with a number of influential people. The experience will look great on your cv or UCAS application form.

What will I learn?

You will learn about how strategy of a further education college is developed and put into practice. You will also learn about a number of future developments for City College. Many of the items discussed at Board meetings are highly confidential and sensitive, and you must be prepared to keep this confidence at all times.

What support will I receive?

Support for the Governors is provided by the Clerk to the Corporation and the Student Centre team

Who is eligible to be a student governor?

Any student studying may be nominated as a Student Governor.

Why do we have student governors?

The law requires that the college has student governors, but we believe that this is valuable as student input is vital to the running of the College at all levels. Student Governors are in such a position that they are able to give student opinion and thoughts on projects, initiatives, and strategy long before they put into practice.

Do I get paid for being a governor?

No, the Governor is an unpaid position, however you are able to claim expenses for costs directly associated with your role as a Student Governor.

How long does a student governor serve for?

Student Governors are appointed for one academic year.

How do I become a Student Governor?

Any student is eligible to stand for the position of Student Governor, but it is helpful if you are a course representative and attend Student Council meetings.

Nominees will be asked to complete an application which details why they think they are a good candidate for the role. If more than three nominations are received, an online election will be held to find the top three candidates. These three candidates will then be interviewed by a small panel of Governors to find the person best suited for the job.