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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Courses at City College

Government Student Funding

If you are a UK or EU student studying at undergraduate level for the first time, you can apply for funding from the UK Government.

If you are a UK or EU student studying at undergraduate level for the first time, you can apply for funding from the UK Government.

Students resident in England – 2016 entry

From 1 September 2016, the student finance package will include a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan. You may have access to extra help in certain circumstances, for example, if you have children or if you have a disability.

If you are a UK resident, studying for an undergraduate degree for the first time, you should apply to the student finance body where you are normally resident when you first apply, to find out whether you qualify for government funding.

• England or an EU country - Student Finance England
• Northern Ireland - Student Finance Northern Ireland
• Scotland - Student Awards Agency for Scotland
• Wales - Student Finance Wales

Students resident in the EU – 2016 entry

If you are a (non-UK) EU student you should apply to the UK government via the Student Finance Services non-UK team to determine your eligibility for a tuition fee loan.

If you are an EEA migrant worker who has been granted Home status you may be eligible to apply for the same maintenance loan as UK students.

Student Finance
How to apply
• Contact the Student Finance Services Non-UK team

Other Financial Support

City College Higher Education Bursary

This bursary is for full-time first year undergraduate students who are normally resident in England or the EU and starting their studies in 2016. Students who satisfy the following criteria will be eligible to receive a cash bursary subject to terms and conditions:

Household income £0-£25,000 - £1000 cash in two instalments
Household income £25,000-£42,600 - £500 cash in two instalments
Students entering their programme with an advanced apprenticeship or a Level 3 national vocational qualification -  £1000 cash in two instalments

All recipients of this bursary must have been assessed as being eligible to receive full funding from Student Finance England.

You will not need to make an application to be considered for this bursary. We use the information you have provided to UCAS and Student Finance England to assess your eligibility.

Please make sure that you:

• Apply for your student loans as soon as possible.
• Apply for means-tested support and agree to Student Finance England sharing the information you (or your parent/guardian). provide about household income (we need this information to assess your eligibility and we can only see it if your permission has been given).
• Contact Student Finance England if you are not sure whether you have given this permission.
• EU students should complete an EU Higher Education bursary application form when you apply to Student Finance England. This will be used to assess your household income and eligibility for this bursary.

We will generally email you in the autumn term of the year you start your course to confirm whether you will receive this bursary.

City College Hardship Fund

If you get into financial difficulty, or find yourself unable to cover costs while completing your course, you may be eligible for financial help from our Hardship Fund. Further information will be available to you from the HE Academic Office whilst you are on your studies.

Other Sources of Funding:

Widening Participation

City College is committed to widening participation, ensuring that students from disadvantaged backgrounds can access higher education, get the support they need to succeed in their studies and progress to further study and highly skilled employment. To further this, there will be a number of strategies in place to support students with the following backgrounds:-

• Students coming from areas classified as having low participation rates in higher education.
• Students in receipt of DSA or who may be academically challenged by periods of ill health.
• Care leavers.

Council Tax Certificates

We can provide all full-time students with a Council Tax Certificate which may exempt you from paying local council taxes. Your local council will be able to tell you whether you can claim the exemption.

The information above is accurate at the time of going to publication but may be subject to change during the academic year.