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Learning Resource Centre

Learning resources and quiet study areas


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) contains materials and information relevant to all courses taught at the College. You will find a large well equipped Learning Resource Centre at Pelham Campus, with a smaller centre at the City College East site. There are over 40,000 books, over 300 current periodicals, over 2,000 DVD and an extensive collection of music CDs.

All students enrolled at City College can use the Learning Resource Centre and its facilities. The College ID card also functions as a Library card – as soon as your course starts your Library membership is activated, all you need to do is bring your card to the LRC in order to start borrowing. You must wear your ID card at all times whilst you are on College premises and you can’t get served in the LRC without it! You can have up to six items on loan at any one time and most items are available for three weeks although some items, including all DVDs and CDs are only available for a week at a time.

Much more than a library, there are over 80 PCs which have internet access, access to online resources, and varied software packages, (including PhotoShop on a limited number of machines) and the Microsoft Office Suite. There are five multi-functional devices in the LRC which function as printers (both black and white and colour), photocopiers and flatbed scanners. The LRC is also a wi-fi zone so students can bring in laptops and access the internet that way as well.

As well as the physical resources available in the LRC there are also lots of online resources which the LRC provides via the LRC Portal. This means that students can access e-books, subscription websites, online journals, magazine databases and other online resources, both from inside College and from home, to help with study and support teaching and learning. LRC staff can show users how to access these resources. City College offer full e-learning support to all students. Moodle, the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is also available via the intranet.

There are video, DVD and audio playback facilities in the LRC. The LRC also maintains and runs the CCB TV service where programmes are recorded from the television and made available to watch via the College intranet both within College and from home. See LRC staff for more details.

The LRC also acts as the Media Loan Store for media-based HE courses.

The LRC is zoned in order to create suitable study environments to suit all study styles. There is a Group Work Zone, a Pair Work Zone, a Quiet Study Zone and a Silent Study Zone. There is also a Group Room which groups of students can book for an hour at a time for group work.

Term-time opening hours

Monday and Tuesday - 8:45am - 6:00pm
Wednesday and Thursday - 8:45am - 8pm
Friday - 8:45 - 5:00pm

Do not hesitate to ask LRC staff for any help you need – that’s what we’re here for!