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Graphic and Web Design

Part-time adult Graphic and Web Design courses in Brighton.


Whether you want to be a Graphic Designer or a Web Developer, our graphic and web design courses can help you to develop the skills employers in the booming digital sector value.

Graphic Design

This course offers an introduction to graphic design, using colour, typography and illustration. It is perfect for students wishing to pursue their passion in graphic design and prepare a design portfolio, or for students to gain more knowledge in design.

The course explores various techniques and processes, to help you create exciting experimental design ideas for your sketchbook studies and portfolio throughout. Essentially a design development course, covering various projects in corporate design, typography, book design, and packaging. Basic skills will be taught in packages Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

You will also learn about other designers and artists.

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Web Design

Our Web Design courses are ideal if you are looking to enhance your career potential within the digital media design industry. They will provide you with a broad understanding and application of current web design software and practices. You will also gain experience of working with animation and other interactive design processes.

You will use most of the following software programmes:
• Image creation in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

• Web design in Dreamweaver and WordPress

• Animation in Adobe Animate

You can learn to write HTML and CSS in a text editor to produce standards' compliant web pages. 

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There are 10 courses currently available.

Digital Design for Web Professional Development Course (Sept'17) Graphic Design Professional Development Course (Sept '17) Introduction to Graphic Design (Thur Sept'17) Introduction to Graphic Design (Thurs Apr'17) Introduction to Graphic Design (Tue Jan'17) Introduction to Graphic Design Fast Track (Mon Jan'17) Introduction to Web Design (Apr'17) Introduction to Web Design (Jan'17) Introduction to Web Design (Sept'17) Web Design 2 (Apr'17)