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Part-time adult history courses in Brighton.


Using a range of cultural reference points including literature, architecture and politics, our history courses provide fascinating insights into a variety of historical eras.

There are 14 courses currently available.

A Sussex Christmas: Customer, Myths and Legends of Winter in the Festive Season (Nov'17) Cinema and Society 1896-1960 (Sept'17) Conflict and Revolution: The Stuart Age 1603 - 1702 (Sept'17-fortnightly) Eighteenth-Century England from Anne to George ll 1702-1760 (Jan'18) Exploring Brighton’s rich history (May'18) From Page to Screen: The Film of the Novel (May'18) Innovation and Experiment: Georgian England 1760 - 1800 (Apr'17) Looking at Art as Social History: Victorian Narrative Painting (Oct'17) Making Waves: The Development of Brighton - A Unique Resort (Jan'17) Space, Light & Speed: Art Deco and Modernism 1918 - 1939 (Mar'17) Summer Reading: Books, Books and More Books! (Apr'18) The Novel as Social History: 20th Century Women Writers (Sept'17-fortnightly) The Novel as Social History: Comparing 20th Century Male and Female Novelists (Jan'17-fortnightly) Victorian Rituals of Death and Mourning (Feb'18)