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Part-time adult history courses in Brighton.


Using a range of cultural reference points including literature, architecture and politics, our history courses provide fascinating insights into a variety of historical eras.

There are 15 courses currently available.

History: 1940s and the Homefront in Britain (Apr'17) History: Art Deco, Modernism & The Jazz Age 1918-1939 (April'17) History: Culture & Society Between the Wars 1918-1939 (Sept'17) History: Edwardian: Extravagance & Economy 1900-1914 (April'17) History: Exploring Brighton's Rich History (May'17) History: Post-War Britain 1939-69 (May'17) History: The Film and the Novel 1950s and 1960s (Jan'17) History: The Film of the Novel 1900s-1940s (Sept'17) History: The Inter-War Years: Twenties and Thirties Britain 1920-1940 (Jan'17) History: The Novel as Social History 6: Comparing Fact & Fiction 1900-1950 (Sept'17) History: The Novel as Social History 7: Comparing Culture (Jan'17) History: The Novel as Social History 8: Summer Reading (Apr'17) History:Cinema 1930s-1950s - "This Is Where We Came In" - One Day Masterclass (Feb'17) History:The Homefront in Wartime: World War 1 & 2 - One Day Masterclass (Oct'17) History:Winter Customs & Christmas Traditions - One Day Masterclass (Dec'17)