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Creative Project Photography (Sep'17)

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Course code: COM242

Course category: Part-time

Starting month: September

Hours: Thur 7pm-9pm (starts: 22/09/17)

Days of the week: Thursday

Course duration: 10 weeks

Course location: City College Brighton and Hove, Pelham Street

Course aims:
An excellent opportunity to create work for exhibitions, portfolio development and book design. As an improver or advanced student, you will be introduced to the stages involved in creating a particular photographic project.

From finding inspiration, to conducting relevant research and ultimately creating a body of work, it will cover all aspects of photography, providing the necessary technical and visual understanding needed to be able to complete the task. This creative project approach to photography, aims to inspire, motivate and actively guide you to produce a 5-10 piece body of work in your chosen format.

Awarding Body: 0 - Non applicable

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Tuition fees

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