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Drawing Skills - Intermediate (Apr'18)

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Course code: COM246C

Course category: Part-time

Starting month: April

Hours: 6.30pm-8.30pm (Starts: 16/04/18)

Days of the week: Monday

Course duration: 10 weeks

Formal assessment: No formal assessment

Course location: City College Brighton and Hove, Pelham Street

Course content:
You will cover some new techniques on the course, plus build on previous experience (either gained on the beginnerís course or elsewhere). Familiar subjects include shading, line drawing and colour work in more detail. New topics include scaling up from a photograph, drawing animals and creating a composition. There is also room for you to make your own decision about materials and techniques, in order to develop a unique style.

For the first lesson please bring a sketchbook, rubber and sketching pencils (2b and 4b as a minimum.) You will be required to buy more drawing materials throughout the course, we will run through a materials list in the first lesson and you will always be advised on what to bring next lesson. You will not need new materials for every lesson.

Awarding Body: 0 - Non applicable

Interview for entry: Direct entry

Costs of your Course:
There are five parts to the cost of your course:

  1. Tuition Fees
  2. College registration
  3. Awarding Body registration
  4. Resource Fee
  5. Exam / Assessment Fees

Tuition fees

How much will the Tuition Fees cost?

Below are the fees for this course.

Home/EU students tuition fees (per year): A) £125
B) 90
C) 45

Category A: If you are not claiming any benefits you will need to pay the full cost of the course. You can pay online, over the phone or in person at the Student Centre at the Main Pelham Campus.

Category B: If you are claiming Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Income Support or Pension Credit you pay this fee. You will need to enrol in person and provide evidence* that you have been in receipt of this benefit within the last 3 months.

Category C: This fee is payable if you are a Jobseeker claiming JSA or ESA. You will need to enrol in person and provide evidence* that you have been in receipt of this benefit within the last 3 months.

Evidence can be in the form of an official benefit letter or statement, dated within the last 3 months or an older letter or statement accompanied by a recent bank statement (dated within the last 3 months) showing that you are still in receipt of the benefit.

Although the information given is believed to be correct at the time of publication, it does not form any part of a contract between City College Brighton and Hove and the student. Courses may be subject to change.

Timetables are subject to change and you should check with your tutor prior to enrolment for the details of your timetable.