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History: The Novel as Social History 8: Summer Reading (Apr'17)

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Course code: COM449

Course category: Part-time

Starting month: April

Hours: 10am-4pm 29/04/17

Days of the week: Saturday

Course duration: 1 day

Course location: City College Brighton and Hove, Pelham Street

Course aims:
Within every piece of fiction is a wealth of information on culture and social life which can lead us into a deeper understanding of a subject, time or place, period in history,
genre, working conditions, habits, style or social trend that we might pursue further, deepen our knowledge or intensify our interest.

In this course, we will discuss recommendations, background social history and novels to read over the summer. A reading list is available from the tutor: (Sarah Tobias),and you will be expected to participate in group discussion.

This lesson is held on 29/04/17.

Awarding Body: 0 - Non applicable

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