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Cross College Policies and Procedures

These guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that our legal responsibilities are met and that all our students are supported, protected and treated fairly. They are made available here as part of our commitment to open and transparent procedures. They may be of interest to students or anyone considering studying or working at the college.

Managing Student Behaviour - (Disciplinary) Policy

The college is committed to providing an environment where students and staff are able to work and study to achieve their full potential. The behaviour management policy and procedures are designed to promote positive behaviour by setting clear standards of expected behaviour and allowing college staff to take all necessary steps to prevent or minimise poor behaviour by students.

Managing Student Behaviour - Student Guidelines

In accordance with the Managing Student Behaviour policy,these guidelines have been drawn up for students and explain the various stages of the disciplinary process simply and clearly.

Equality and Diversity Policy

All members of our community have the right to access education and training and to achieve success so that they can reach their full potential and contribute towards serving their community. Our equality and diversity policy is a reflection of our commitment to inclusion and to eliminating discrimination through education, training and working practices which will bring benefits to all our students, staff and wider community.

Admissions Policy

The principles of our policy regarding Full-time course applicants is set out in this document. City College handles applications in line with the College’s commitment to Equality and Diversity and its duty of care for students studying at the College. Our Guidance and Admissions procedures are guided by a sense of ‘fairness’ and the aspiration to place the ‘right applicant on the right course’.

Be Safe, Be Heard Policy

Students and staff should feel safe, respected and listened to regardless of their backgrounds or personal attributes, and be confident to speak out and know they will be heard.

This policy was drawn up to ensure that there are mechanisms by which they can discuss key issues relating to their experience as a student and feel confident this will lead to action, and that the culture of the college and expectations of students and staff encourage positive and supportive behaviour.

Safeguarding: Policies for the Protection of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

We believe that all our students should be safe and protected in the college and that their welfare and well-being is of paramount importance. Children, young people and vulnerable adults have a right to protection from neglect and abuse. City College Brighton and Hove holds as one of its highest priorities the health, safety and welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults involved in courses or activities which come under the responsibility of the College. The following documents outline our policies in support of this commitment."

Single Equality Scheme

Under the new Single Equality Duty 2010 we are required to be ‘proactive agents of change’, making sure that our approach to equality and diversity is central to our work and covers all aspects of the college and our provision. One of the requirements of the act is to produce a Single  Equality Scheme and Action plan to look at how we close any gaps in results and experiences for disabled students, staff and service users, compared with non disabled people. This Single Equality Scheme is a working document drafted in response to that extension of our legal responsibilities.

Anti-Bullying Policy

It is the responsibility of all students and staff to create and support a learning environment free from harassment, threat or intimidation. This policy outlines behaviour that would be considered inappropriate or unacceptable and details the procedures that should be followed when an allegation or suspicion of bullying or harassment is made.

Expectations of Student Behaviour

We have high expectations of how our students will behave in college. This is so that everyone has the opportunity to learn, to do the best they can and to feel safe and supported. The college's expectations of student behaviour are set out here in detail.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Levels of attendance have a direct impact on the success of our students. Learners are more likely to complete and achieve their qualification if they attend classes regularly. The college therefore has high expectations of attendance and punctuality. Our attendance and punctuality policy reflects this.

Learner Support Fund: Allocation Methodology

This document sets out City College Brighton & Hove’s Learner Support allocation methodology, including student eligibility for the academic year 2014/15. All funds which are managed locally by the College will be allocated on a first come, first served bases via an application and assessment process. Students must meet the specified eligibility criteria in order to receive an award.