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Pre-Apprenticeship Training

A free course aimed at young people aged 16-18


City College's  Pre-Apprenticeship programme is a work preparation work placement programme. It is structured with local employers to prepare young people for their chosen industry. The course is designed to help students gain the skills, confidence and experience needed to secure an Apprenticeship.

Why undertake work experience?

Programme includes:

There are no costs involved in this training programme and placements are unpaid 

What does it lead to?

Our programmes aim to provide skills and training that will enable all young people to better compete in the job market.

Many or our placement employers employee trainees as apprentices or staff as a result!!

Sounds great! How do I apply or find out more information?

To apply, email, call or text TRAIN and your name to:

Kyle Holman - 07912 387126 or or call 01273 667788 ext 486