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We would like you to be involved in discussing and deciding on things that affect you during your time in college. We want to hear what you have to say so we can change what we do and develop new ideas. The main focus will be your experience as a student and on issues that affect you both in and outside the classroom. This may include things such as access to sports, trips outside, general issues such as bullying or discipline or debates on issues such as the environment, healthy living or drug use. You will also be involved with helping us to agree and plan some of the City Plus activities and the cross college events such as Health or Diversity days.

How to make your Voice Heard

Course Representative

Each course will elect two Course Representatives.

Course Representatives will be given tutorial time to talk to groups before and after these meetings.

The Learner Surveys take place twice a year. These are for all students and give us an idea of how you feel about key issues; your experiences of starting at college, the teaching and learning and what it is like to be a student at City College.

For more information about the role of a course representative please see the links below:

Student Governor

There is one Student Governor for each academic year and, once elected, this student will be required to attend college Corporation meetings to represent the views of the wider student body at the College’s highest decision making level.

The Student Governor post is open to all students and you can nominate yourself by coming along to an open information session at 1:30pm on 16th October in the Main Hall, Pelham. Alternatively, come and speak to Student Services in the Student Centre at either Pelham or East campus for more information. All nominees will be asked to complete an application which details why they think they are a good candidate for the role.