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What do Course Reps do?

Gather student views

As a Course Representative you will gather information and opinions from other students in your group. You can do this in a number of ways. You can use a slot in tutorial sessions to speak to the rest of the group, or use feedback slips, email and web forums.

Represent students

The opinions you represent should not be your own but should represent the views of all the students in your group. All Course Representatives will receive training on how to do this.

Act on students’ views

It is very important to think about how you as Course Representative should collect the views of other students. Once you know a range of views, you need to think about how you will tell other people in College to make sure they can be used to improve the student experience.

Attend meetings on behalf of the students you represent

Student Council

Course Representatives are collectively known as the Student Council and should attend Student Council meetings.

At these Student Council meetings, you will be asked to discuss and approve College policies that directly affect students such as the Anti Bullying Policy. You will also be able to agree which Enrichment activities and events should be arranged for the following term. Importantly there will also be time for you to raise concerns about College life on behalf of your group.

We also run Student Council meetings at City College East. Please check dates with the Student Centre.

Student Committee

Following the first Council meeting, you will be invited to join the Student Committee. This is a smaller group that actions matters raised in between the termly Council. This group meets once every 1-2 weeks (depending on need) and has generally 5-10 students on it. There are different Committees on both campuses to allow students to work on site-specific matters raised by students. If you don't join the Committee at the Council, but decide later you would like to get involved, come and speak to Student Services.

As part of the Committee, you will also meet with Lynn Thackway, college Principal, every other month. This provides a great opportunity to have you and your fellow students feedback heard by college leadership.

Curriculum Feedback Sessions

As a Course Representative you will also be asked to attend at least 2 meetings over the academic year with your Curriculum Manager. This is when you can formally represent the views of your group regarding your course.

Your tutors will give you time before a after these meetings so that you can gather the views of your group and then feed back to them.

Act as a source of information

Although we make great efforts to tell students at the beginning of their course all about how the College works, sometimes students can forget about some of the opportunities they have to influence what happens.

As a Course Representative you can provide information about how students can access further information and support. You will get a reference copy of the Student Handbook which details lots of useful contact information.

Importantly you can let other students know about all the activities and events that the Student Council has agreed on as well as promoting the College’s Enrichment programme. Part of your role as a Course Representative is to encourage other students to take part in College activities and events.