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Work Experience

An exciting opportunity for employers, students and staff

City College are always keen to offer our students and staff work placements and industrial updating opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity for employers, students and staff alike to gain something valuable with long term ramifications for the business. If you are able to offer a placement to either one of our students or a member of staff or would be interested in discussing this further we would be glad to hear from you.

What is a work placement?

A work placement is when an employer takes on an unpaid member of staff to work for their company over a short period of time. This staff member is usually a student, studying for a qualification relating to the industry in which the employer operates.

There are many benefits of work placements to employers:

In turn, employers that offer work placements have a number of responsibilities:

If you are interested in offering work placements, please contact us on 01273 667788 or email