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Former student lends carpentry skills to MS charity event

28 July 2016

Leo Mumford, a former City College Brighton and Hove Carpentry student who graduated in 2015, has used the skills he’s gained at the College to construct a sedan chair which Multiple Sclerosis campaigner Shana Pezaro will be using during a mermaid-themed fundraising walk from Brighton’s Palace Pier to Hove Lagoon.

The event, scheduled to take place this Sunday (31st July) is to raise money for the Sussex MS Centre in Southwick. City College provided Leo with workshop space, fixings and reused timber to construct the chair which was then decorated with a Regency/seaside theme by professional theatrical prop-makers/sculptors Rachel Williams and Wendy Hall. On the walk, Shana will be carried in her sedan chair by friends and supporters dressed in a mermaid costume designed by Red & Bex from Brighton based company, Redblue Threads.

Shana Pearo says: 'I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 8 years ago and am now predominantly a wheelchair user so the support that Sussex MS Centre provides has been a massive part of my life. We’re hopeful that this event will raise significant funds for a Centre that provides absolutely essential emotional support, exercise classes and therapies to people living with MS and their families.'

Leo Mumford says: 'As a friend of Shana’s, there are times when she’s relied on me to carry her from a seat if she can't get up, or over steps if she can't cross them. So this got me thinking about the idea of carrying her for charity, representing the trust that's needed between people with MS and society. I was therefore delighted and grateful that my former tutors were supportive of my goal, as was the College, which has meant that we’ve been able to turn my original idea into reality.'


In advance of event: Leo Mumford - 07883 800423, Shana Pezaro - 07704 155283

During event from 8.30am on July 31st: Annie Smythe or Katie Walker - 07704 155283

Sussex MS Centre: Hilary Green - 01273 594484

For City College media enquiries, please call Brian Bell on 01273 667788 Ext. 488 or email