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Zackís dream work placement

22 May 2017

Integral to the METís commitment to making its students work-ready is providing high quality work experience placements. The Collegeís Work Experience Coordinator supports all the Collegeís curriculum areas with contacts and links for work-related projects as well as arranging employer presentations and workshops. Alongside enriching the study programmes of students, work experience helps develop the city's future workforce and the College works with a range of employers in ways that are beneficial both to students and local businesses.

Since coming to the MET from Peacehaven Community School to study Motor Vehicle in 2014, Zack Dennis (18) has felt a growing sense of vocation about becoming a bus mechanic. Brighton & Hove Busesí garage at Whitehawk is close to the Collegeís Motor Vehicle workshop at the MET's East campus and when Zack would pass the garage on his way to College and see the bus mechanics busy at work, he immediately felt that this would be his ideal workplace.

Zack Dennis

Zack Dennis

'When I decided that I definitely wanted to get work experience at the bus garage, I got in touch with the Work Experience Coordinator and they were really helpful and made sure it was a quick process,í says Zack.

ĎMy placement began within a month and Iím now working at the garage one day a week. Iíve been on work experience for a month now and the team of mechanics have been assigning lots of tasks to me and really keeping me on my toes. The first time I walked in here, I immediately felt at home. What appeals to me about working on buses is the sheer size of them plus thereís a lot more things to go wrong so itís interesting in a different way to cars.'

Brighton & Hove Buses have shown great willingness to accommodate Zack in the workplace and are committed to making his time at the garage as beneficial to him as possible and although his work experience placement is only recently underway, heís already noticing the positive impact itís having on his progress towards becoming a qualified mechanic:

'Every day Iím here, Iím learning more about the mechanical issues that come up with buses which crosses over into what Iím studying at College.. There have been quite a few times recently when my tutor has been asking us questions and Iíve been coming up with the right answers based on what Iíve been learning at the garage.'

Zackís Motor Vehicle Lecturer, Garry Budgen, said: 'Since going to the bus garage for his work experience we have noticed Zack is getting more involved in the classroom sessions and able to contribute much more to the topics we cover.

We can also ask him to find out specific information regarding the buses, such as the different lubricants used on their systems, and he is then able to feed this back to the group.

It has been great to see Zackís confidence and knowledge grow and his ability to link our classroom topics to real life scenarios.'

If you are a student interested in work experience or a local business considering offering work experience, the METís Work Experience Coordinator can be contacted at